Nahum’s Vision

This is a revelation from the Lord about Nineveh. This book contains the vision of Nahum from Elkosh.

Who Can Withstand the Lord’s Anger?

God does not tolerate rivals. The Lord takes revenge.

The Lord takes revenge and is full of anger.

The Lord takes revenge against his enemies

and holds a grudge against his foes.

The Lord is patient and has great strength.

The Lord will never let the guilty go unpunished.

Raging winds and storms mark his path,

and clouds are the dust from his feet.

He yells at the sea and makes it dry.

He dries up all the rivers.

Bashan and Carmel wither.

The flowers of Lebanon wither.

The mountains quake because of him.

The hills melt.

The earth draws back in his presence.

The world and all who live in it draw back as well.

Who can stand in the presence of his rage?

Who can oppose his burning anger?

He pours out his rage like fire

and smashes the rocky cliffs.

Why Does Nineveh Oppose the Lord?

The Lord is good.

⌞He is⌟ a fortress in the day of trouble.

He knows those who seek shelter in him.

He will put an end to Nineveh

with a devastating flood.

He will pursue his enemies with darkness.

What do you think about the Lord?

He is the one who will bring Nineveh to an end.

This trouble will never happen again.

10 ⌞The people of Nineveh will be⌟ like tangled thorns

and like people drunk on their own drink.

They will be completely burned up like very dry straw.

11 From you, Nineveh, a person who plans evil against the Lord sets out.

His advice is wicked.

Nineveh Will Fall

12 This is what the Lord says:

Though the people of Nineveh are physically fit and many in number,

they will be cut down and die.

Though I have humbled you, Judah,

I will not humble you again.

13 But now I will break Nineveh’s yoke [a] off of you

and tear its chains from you.

14 The Lord has given this command about you, Nineveh:

You will no longer have descendants to carry on your name.

I will remove the wooden and metal idols from the temple of your gods.

I will prepare your grave because you are worthless.[b]

An Army Will Conquer Nineveh

15 There on the mountains are the feet of a messenger

who announces the good news: “All is well!”

Celebrate your festivals, Judah! Keep your vows!

This wickedness will never pass your way again.

It will be completely removed.


  1. 1:13 A yoke   is a wooden bar placed over the necks of work animals so that they can pull plows or carts.
  2. 1:14 Nahum 1:15 in English Bibles is Nahum 2:1 in the Hebrew Bible.